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It’s the people who live in my city that make it so great. There is a palpable spirit of giving back, a generosity of time and money, and an enduring commitment to volunteering, here.  And here’s the thing.  I think everyone has the capacity to be like that, to serve above and beyond oneself.  In fact, we can all make our community better by giving back and yes, somehow that ends up affecting the whole planet.  It’s called the ‘ripple effect’.

I can’t imagine how we could ever build vibrant, strong communities without compassionate, supportive and caring citizens, or volunteers. In our city there are over 300 not-for-profit volunteer organizations representing thousands of helping hands.

For many, the health and wealth of a community is tied to economic growth but I disagree.  I believe it depends on how we connect with and make life better for each other. There is greatness in people in every community. We just have to bring them together.

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