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Canada is anything but ordinary. We are a strong and proud nation that just believes being kind to each other should be a way of life. We are the punch line of many jokes and there are many stereotypes based around our country, but that’s just because they don’t understand us what it’s like to be Canadian… Eh?

Here are some things you only understand if you are Canadian:

  • Milk comes in a bag
  • We actually call our change Loonies & Toonies
  • How delicious Ketchup and All Dressed chips are
  • Getting a toy in your Kinder Surprise (The toys are banned in the US)
  • Constantly fighting with autocorrect and Word documents about the spelling of ‘Colour’ and ‘Neighbour’
  • An invite to go to Tim’s (this is not a person’s house)
  • Ordering a Large Double Double and the cashier knows what you mean right away
  • Cheering for any NHL team that makes it to the playoffs because most of the players are Canadian anyways
  • House Hippos
  • In fact, just go watch all of these Concerned Children’s Advertising commercials that played during all our cartoons
  • Wearing your winter coat under your Halloween costume
  • Helping a neighbour push their car out of a snow bank
  • The extra ‘t’ in ‘Toronto’ is silent
  • Beaver Tails
  • Summer hours mean less work and more play until our 8-month hibernation
  • The never ending stack of Canadian Tire money you never end up using (yet you were a little disappointed when they brought out the card)
  • Piling sandbags in the back of your pickup all winter
  • Our real money smells like maple syrup
  • Poutine
  • Iced Tea (Everywhere else would literally give you a glass of tea with ice in it)
  • Groundhog Day is an actual holiday, not just a movie
  • Ryan Gosling – Need I say more?

My point here is that we are a proud nation that embraces its differences and everyone around. We take pride in everything we do and even if people point their fingers and laugh, we’ll probably laugh with you then end up apologising for something.

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