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Did you know that seeing a certain colour can make us feel a specific way? And did you know that companies use colour to market their products to a certain demographic. That’s why most pills now a day are bright blues, oranges, or yellow. These colours are seen as stimulants and can make people more at ease when they have to take them.

As a general model each colour fulfills a need and has a sensory affect:

Red: Power & Excitement

Yellow: Capability & Happiness

Green: Good Taste & Envy

Blue: Competence & Corporate

Pink: Sincerity & Finesse

Purple: Authority & Power

Brown: Strength & Rugged

Black: Grief & Fear

White: Purity & Happiness

You should consider this when choosing colours for your event. Use them to your advantage and try not to get stuck in the simple schemes. Be creative and stand out.

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