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The Six Thinking Hats is a concept developed by Edward de Bono. I was at a community meeting to brainstorm some ideas for a potential fundraising initiative and the team leader used this technique. It helped the participants to build understanding, collaboration and respect for the different ways that people think.

First, the members of the team answered a questionnaire that determined which of the six thinking hats they were dominant in.

White Hat thinkers: Focuses on the facts and data

Blue Hat thinkers: Likes to manage the process, likes order

Green Hat thinkers: Is looking for creativity and new and big ideas

Yellow Hat thinkers: Looks for merit in the thoughts and ideas, the upside

Red Hat thinkers: Looks to intuition, how he feels when considering an idea

Black Hat thinkers: Will spot the obstacles and problems first

It’s important to note that each of these ways of thinking has value. Havinga balance of these six ways of thinking on any team or planning committee can lead to more effective problem solving and successful event or project.

I found this Storyboard very helpful.


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