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Step 1.
Head over to and select ‘Sign In’ in the left corner of your browser.

Step 2.
Next you are shown the Sign In/Create a New Account page.

  • Complete the form below by entering your email, first and last name and creating your password;
  • You must agree and adhere to the terms and conditions in order to create and use your Tangr account;
  • Select ‘Get Started!’ once the form has been completed.

How to create a password:

Create a password that is a minimum of 6 characters in length (maximum 50 characters) and contains at least:

  • One lowercase letter;
  • One uppercase letter;
  • One number.

Special characters are permitted (spaces not allowed) but are not required.

Password recommendations:

Consider a longer password or a phrase to increase the strength and security of your password.

Step 3.
Next you will be prompted to activate your account. Click Finish and you will be sent a ‘Welcome to Tangr’ email in your inbox.

Step 4.
Open the ‘Welcome to Tangr’ email in your inbox and Click on the ‘Active myTangr’ button. If the link doesn’t open please contact for assistance.

Step 5.
Next, you will be sent to the ‘Registration Confirmation’ page on Enter your location in the ‘General Information’ section. Click the green ‘Confirm Registration’ button on the bottom left.

Step 6.
Next you will receive a ‘Congratulations!’ message confirming your registration was successful. You may log in to the site and begin taking advantage of the features of the site.

If you require further assistance, please contact us at

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