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On March 4, 2016, I was appointed the first female Honorary Colonel of the 21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron at 22 Wing, at CFB North Bay. This appointment took place at a change of command ceremony in front of base personnel, community residents, family and friends.

This gave me an amazing opportunity to serve the people who have dedicated themselves to serving Canadians and people all around the world. I think that we often forget that these men and women are responsible for keeping us safe, secure and free in our beautiful country.

Military families move every one to three years. They move to new cities and have to start their lives all over again and try to find connections in the community. As an Honorary Colonel my service has now become to help support these families stationed in our city. It’s also about making them feel comfortable and welcomed, regardless of their posting. I myself have moved around a few times in my life and I know it wasn’t easy to find a doctor, or to find the right school for my kids.

Military personnel fulfill their roles with tenacity and determination to make a difference. They are dedicated to our security and safety as a nation. It’s a privilege for me, as Honorary Colonel, to try to make their time in our community warm and welcoming.

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