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Need some help coming out of your shell?

I’ve never been one to just walk up to someone and easily start a conversation. I’ve always wished I could do so without having to deal with some sort of anxiety. But I soon realized even  introverts can be good at being sociable. It only takes time, practice, and maybe a little risk-taking.

Here are some tips that I find helpful when I must be sociable in an event setting:

Smile and Breathe

Taking that extra deep breath before you approach someone always give your body the oxygen and extra push it needs. Although you may find it hard to believe and, trust me, I am very guilty of thinking negatively, but you shouldn’t care what people think of you. You are what is important. The majority of people are kind. They simply want to hear what you have to say. A smile always goes a long way even if you are being criticized. No one likes it, but it will help you in the long run. Your smile is beautiful, so use it.

Small Talk

When you walk down the street and see two people walking together, chances are they had to have said something to each other the first time they met. Whether it is ‘Wow I really like that band on your shirt.” Or “Do you think this snow is ever going to let up?” Something has to start the conversation. I’ve found that pointing things out in the room or complimenting some item of clothing always sparks a bit of a conversation. For men, I usually point out a watch or something about them that stands out. For women, I usually like to complement their makeup, every girl is hoping someone will notice how hard they have worked.

Listen and Respond

Sometimes people already have an opening and when they do it’s their hope that you will respond. No one likes being ignored. I’ve always been the type to check her phone while in an elevator or listen to music as I walk down the street so no one talks to me. However, if someone does happen to mention something or ask a question I’m always happy to reply. Everyone likes to be heard.

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