One Third Of The Population Of Canada Is Senior!

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Interesting statistic, wouldn’t you say?  I had the opportunity to attend an information session on Seniors Helping Seniors that pointed to Baby Boomers generation and health care challenges.

In our city alone, 25% of  our citizens are over the age of 50.  How do we prepare for a health care need that is happening right now and is gaining momentum?

The speaker pointed out that we will need to invest in community empowerment and we can empower others by empowering ourselves. The personal circle of care which includes family, work, church, neighbourhood, and clubs, are all social investments that keep all ages of community healthy.

The health care system cannot sustain itself without directly investing in community. We have to empower the education of all ages to make social connections a priority, to help one another and prepare for the Silver Tsunami waiting just around the corner.  Everyone grows older. We can do it better together.  Best investment ever. Words of advice from another powerful inspiring woman, Monica Do Coutto Moni, advocating for better quality of life health programming for seniors.

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