Now That I Know Better, I Can do Better.

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Close to 100 women assembled at Nipissing University to hear presentations by Tanya Lukin Linklater, Director of Aboriginal Affairs and Dr. Mike Degagne, President of Nipissing University. The topic: Reconciliation and the Way Forward, a collection of essays and personal reflections.

The book was written by indigenous and non-indigenous contributors about residential schools. It spoke about the lives of students before, during, and after the schools, about the suffering that continued long after their time spent at these schools and the impact that it has had through five generations.

Lessons learned from my perspective? Good things happen when we choose to truly listen when another person chooses to share his/her story. Stories of courage, truth, trust, and vulnerability. I am forever changed and inspired by those stories.

I am so grateful to have read this book and had the chance to listen to Mike and Tanya share their knowledge of this part of our Canadian history. It belongs to all Canadians.

I am hopeful that, as I acknowledge our history, I can move forward, in my own ways, big or small, to help build a stronger, more resilient, vibrant community, all of us together.

“Now that I know better, I can do better.” – Gloria Decaire

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