Local Change-maker Hariett Madigan Wins the Enterprising Women 2018 New Business of the Year!

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Hariett Madigan wins an honourable award on International Women’s Day for her event-sharing platform Tangr.com

What better way to spend International Women’s Day than with some of the best, brightest and most successful women entrepreneurs and business women in our community! PARO and The Business Centre collaborated on March 8, 2018 to host what was an exceptional daylong event at the Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre. Local entrepreneurs showcased their businesses through networking and tradeshows and listened to keynote speakers such as Nicole Graham, VS Marketing and Zahra Al-Harazi, Entrepreneur and Leadership Expert. The evening was wrapped up with the annual Enterprising Women’s Awards & Gala 2018, which honoured women who have built their businesses right here in our community.

Hariett was humbled and honoured to receive the 2018 New Business of the Year award for her event-sharing platform Tangr.com. An award that recognized her for being the community change-maker she is. “Our overall health and wellness depends on how we connect with and make life better for each other. Use your business as a vehicle for kindness, inclusion, compassion, understanding and communication in your daily transactions, activities. Where we are right now is the best place to begin, states Hariett.”

It is women like Hariett who play an active role by taking a vested interest in the prosperity and success of our community as a whole and understanding that we need to work together to make change. We have truly been gifted to have this caliber of leadership right here in North Bay. “I’ve been introduced the 21 Century concept of the ‘shared economy’, where entrepre- neurs collaborate, cooperate, and connect while still remaining competitive and unique. This is the type of business we are building and we want this for every community, inspires Hariett. We can all be healthy, strong and prosperous!”

Hariett has dedicated her lifetime to her community through volunteer work and entrepreneurism in many ways. Much of her time spent with not-for-profit organizations, business and event planners has proven the need for the technology to help one another connect. Tangr.com was developed as a resource to serve the community and bring everyone closer together. “I am the seed planter, and I surround myself with the people who have the skills to make things happen, states Hariett.”

Tangr.com is an international event platform built right here in North Bay by the team at VS Marketing, who has been in business in our community for over 20 years. The online platform features local community events to help businesses and not-for profits alike. Tangr was created to bring our community together, provide everyone with a tool to promote their events and gatherings; and, most of all, let everyone know what is going on in the community to give them a chance to live more social, active and connected lives. Tangr is completely free for anyone to use and sustains itself on the revenue brought in by advertising and ticket sales.

Hariett is only one of the many inspiring women who attended last night’s event. Congratulations go out to all the winners and nominees for the awards, as well a huge thank you to all the women and men who attended in support. In addition, thank you to the PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise and The Business Centre who hosted the day and evening events. These organizations foster the support network needed to build great businesses. It was stated many times through the evening how supportive North Bay is for women in business, which is a great show of success to boast on International Women’s Day.

After officially launching Tangr in the summer of 2017, the website has grown to list over 2500 local community events, has over 700 event planners and reaches approximately 30% of our area population. “We haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg,” says Hariett!

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