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Recently, my daughter gave birth to twins, a beautiful boy and girl! Both were healthy at birth, but the little boy was having some breathing problems. He was separated from his sister for about twenty-four hours, until the medical staff was sure that he was breathing normally.

Finally, when he was reunited with his sister, Mom and Dad witnessed the connection that twins share, and saw their joy when placed side by side in the basinet. They reached out for each other looking for the comfort and support they’d known in the womb. With hands and heads touching, they calmed each other and they continued that behaviour each time they were placed together and still do.

The photos of the twins touching hands and heads were a lovely reminder to me that, while I appreciate the wonders of technology, such as Facetime and Messaging which allowed me to witness these miracles of connection, nothing can replace human touch, eye contact, real conversation and meaningful relationships. We really are wired to connect from the womb, to birth, to the very end, physically, mentally and spiritually.

“Man is by nature a social animal.”   Aristotle.

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