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Did you know that the mask worn by Michael Myers in Halloween was actually a Captain Kirk mask painted white? Or that the line “You’re gonna be a bigger boat” was improvised by Roy Scheider in Jaws? I’ve always been one of those people who knew random facts about movies, television, or comic books. But when it comes to science or politics, I’ve got nothing. Which in today’s society is a problem. As a young female adult I believe that it is important to educate myself on current events that affect not only me but the world’s population. So I’ve started to search for ways to make sure I learn something new every day.

Social Media:

In today’s age there are so many people to follow on every social media app. Lots of them are actually educational accounts that post about issues, facts, or a trending topic. On Twitter alone there are dozens of accounts that post about Psychology, environmental issues, global news, or politics. So updating who you follow can add a bit of substance to your feeds


The first North American book published with paper and ink was in 1640. Even before that our ancestors were writing on clay tablets and cave walls with pictograms. Reading and writing are some of the basic foundations of humanity. Books are outlets for people to share their ideas and knowledge. With genres like Biographies, self-help, cooking, health, or history there is always something for your brain to obtain from a book.


Whether it’s tap dancing, or Canadian History your brain just wants to learn new things, it’s how we grow. Every skill you gain throughout your life makes you who you are and might come in handy when you least expect it.


For all you visual learners, documentaries take real life situations and expose the truth. I’ve watched so many documentaries that not only have a lasting effect on the way I think but they’ve also appealed to my emotional side.

Knowledge is everywhere, all you have to do is listen and you’ll learn.

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