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Ignite North Bay is a movement to build a culture that honours uniqueness, creativity, collaboration and co-operation. The first event in North Bay was launched in 2017.

Recently, I attended Ignite North Bay 2, a volunteer run event, and, once again, was inspired by the courage, passion, and compassion of the thirteen brave souls who chose to share their stories and thoughts on a variety of topics.

The evening was food for body, mind and spirit – opportunities for laughter, maybe an ‘aha moment’ or two, perhaps a new perspective. Life on Music, Empathy, Be a Boss, not a Bitch, Lesson for a Vegetable Stand, Kids and Confidence, The Sandbox Factor, The Power of Hobbies, Life in a Family Business, Leadership, Procrastination, Community and Supporting Local, Access for All. The Professional Element. Five-minute snippets, with supporting slides, and stories that reflected values, on many different levels, gifts of inspiration for the audience.

It got me thinking that if I really intend to embrace this culture I need to make a commitment to manifest those values, in my thoughts, and actions. The right thing to do, the best time to begin is right here, right now.

Ignite is about fast and fun presentations; organizers believe that public speaking builds confidence in individuals and makes our communities stronger and more connected. This is a goal that strongly correlates with Tangr’s own principles.

Ignite originated in Seattle and has become an international phenomenon. Events are being held on 4 different continents, and now in North Bay too. It was brought to North Bay, so every one of us can play a part in it and have our own “5 minutes of fame.”

To find out more about Ignite North Bay, visit their page on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ignitenorthbay/

Ignite North Bay will post their next upcoming event on tangr.com, keep an eye out for details!

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