How To Promote Yourself While Networking

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I’ve been told many times that people naturally like talking about themselves. In the past I have definitely found that to be true, but there are a rare few who don’t. I am happily one of those people. It actually makes me incredibly nervous when someone asks me to talk about myself. I always worry I’ll sound dumb, or annoying, or what I say won’t make any sense.

So before going to any social networking event where you will probably be asked a hundred questions, consider writing a personal description. Write about what you think is important about you, and make sure to either stand out or make a point.

Who you are, what you do, why you like the company you work for. All things people will ask you. They might also ask you where you are from, what college you went to, or why you chose your career.  It’s important to be prepared and with your story straight you’ll make a better impression and it will ease any nervousness you have.

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