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Promoting, building, and facilitating healthy community initiatives is my passion, and that is what I want Tangr.com to be and do.  An event planning technology that is also a community building technology, that will promote well-being, social connectedness, and creativity among community members and visitors, event creators, event users, and event providers. A place where communities of all shapes and sizes can address 21st century issues, struggles with isolation, connection and stress, everyday.  A place to create, inform, connect, to facilitate conversations, promote opportunities, and even inspire.

I’ve been event planning 4 days a week for 30 years.  A lot of my planning is spent searching out events in and around our  community.  I am fully aware of the richness and diversity of events in our region and beyond.  However, event searching is time-consuming, events and details of events not always easy to find.

With all of the wonderful work people are doing, to fundraise, develop events, engage the community creating such abundant resources for people to improve their well-being, how do we get the word out so communities know about it? It’s a problem and a challenge!

If we provide a vehicle that does a fantastic job of getting that word out to the entire area, we are going to definitely get the attention of not only the residents, our but visitors, regional cities and towns, possibly every community in Canada!

That’s my dream. And Tangr will do just that!

I can’t wait!


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