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If you don’t know all the words to the words to ‘Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth’ commercial are you sure you’re Canadian? There are so many things about Canadian television that are just pure gold. In case some of you 90’s kids wanted some nostalgia here are a few things from Canadian television that were most likely your favourite growing up.

  • Mister Rogers – Although it was known to be an American show, Mr. Roger’s actually got his start with CBC in 1963. He moved his show to Pittsburgh in 1966
  • Dressup – Getting his start on Fred Roger’s Mister Rogers, Ernie Coombs started his own show. Always getting a costume from the ‘Tickle Trunk’ as he sang
  • Polka Dot Shorts – Based off the series Polka Dot door, Polkaroo and his friends were happy live action puppets that sang and always got their theme song stuck in our heads
  • Skinnamarink – If you didn’t know all the words to this classic growing up there was a good chance you didn’t own a television. Sharon, Lois and Bram were popular throughout our childhoods for their catchy tunes and stories.
  • The Big Comfy Couch – Loonette and her doll Molly were no strangers to adventures, stories and crazy neighbours in Clowntown. Every kid growing up knew when the theme came on it was time to stretch your legs around like a clock
  • Uh-Oh: Most 90’s kids remember this as their first look at game shows and reality TV. Usually ending with one of the contestants getting covered in slim it was entertaining to no end.
  • Breaker High – Only known to more mature kids in the 90’s but I still remember really wanting to go to high school aboard a cruise ship! And let’s not forget that the show brought us a more grown up and still adorable Ryan Gosling!

Catchy tunes and crazy stories, our childhoods were full of imagination. It’s easy to forget how important Canadian television is to society. We may watch a lot of American TV but don’t forget that most of their location shoots are done in Canada!

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