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Near North Palliative Care Network director Monica Do Coutto Monni shared these words of wisdom at a presentation on grief, bereavement and loss.

There is a bitter sweet scar that forms after grief heals. Whatever doesn’t explode outside of you, will implode inside of you. So you must hang on.  Be patient with yourself.  Love your neighbours as you would yourself. People say you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.  However, the truth is, you knew what you had. You just never thought you’d lose it.  And, yes, death is a test of reality.
It’s critical to remember that every loss is unique and so is every grief. Body, mind and spirit, you grieve in every sense.  It’s important to give yourself the love you deserve and the time you need. Remember to be kind because everybody else is going through a struggle, perhaps a loss, you know nothing about.

Social bonding is easier and healthier with the people who will offer you the same kindness, no judgement, and criticism free. These kind of friendships are the glue for a better quality of life.
It takes a community of caring individuals to support one person through any loss. If community learns to support and help one another, we will be building a better, healthier community.

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