Gratitude and Happiness in Shared Accomplishments

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I’ve been fortunate to have been a contributor to many community projects including North Bay Heritage Gardeners, Communities in Bloom, Community Waterfront Park, Community Waterfront Friends, Nipissing Botanical Gardens, and Chippewa Creek Ecopath.  We’ve made a difference in peoples’ lives in some way, for the better, with the development of each of these. That happened because of collaboration and partnership, a shared creative endeavor, and the wisdom of the group that gathered to create something beautiful to make the community a better place.  I am grateful to all of the members involved in the above initiatives and am inspired by them as I move forward in other projects.

I learned that for the most part, everyone wants to be, do, have better in their lives.  And success depends on finding the right people to help you accomplish your goals. When I am part of what I feel is the greater good, it brings me great happiness because I know that the others involved are part of a that combined effort and probably feel the same way.

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