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Let’s be frank. It’s hard to get noticed on social media sometimes. Unless you have a celebrity in your photo or you are in fact a celebrity, no one really cares about what you are posting. So, you have to make people care! You have to do everything you can to make sure your event posts get shared and liked as many times as possible. There are ways to get your event’s posts the attention it deserves.

Make your event look desirable
It doesn’t matter if you use all the filters in the world, as long as the people in your photos look happy and your venue looks presentable people will like it.

Make sure you connect
Hashtags and pinning your location can do wonders for your posts. Pick an easy to remember hashtag that people can connect to their own pictures. These two features also help people who may not be following your account connect to your event. All they have to do is search the location or hashtag on social media and it will appear.

Keep it fresh
Never allow your social media feed to go dry! It’s what kills interest. Make sure you are updating your feeds at least once a week, but more frequently if you want more traffic to your posts. New content is always better than recycled and polished or candid photos always capture the best attention.

Give people a reason to share
Most social media users are more likely to share a post on Facebook or a photo on Twitter if we either get a good laugh out of it or there is a chance we can get free stuff! I’m not saying you have to give things away to get people to your event, but people like perks.

Any of these tips will help you get your event or posts shared more. It’s a simple click of the button for people but for you it is easy exposure.

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