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We’ve all been there, middle of event day and you are running around trying to find an extension cord because the outlets are too far away. Or you are suddenly walking around with a bucket because one of the pipes sprung a leak. All things you may have caught you off-guard had you had an on-site visit and check list to go through.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when booking your event venue:

What is the maximum capacity of the event location?

Is it within your budget?

Will there be enough parking?

How many outlets are there? How close are they related to your floor plan?

How accessible are the emergency exits?

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Will the provided Wi-Fi support your event needs?

Is the location appropriate?

Does the surrounding support your event set up?

Will your vendors be able to set up with ease?

How good is the customer service at the event location?

There are many things that could possibly go wrong on event day. Doing a pre-site and pre-event visit, walking through each detail and timing will help you predict obstacles and formulate solutions ahead of the event.

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