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Close your eyes. Just for a moment and take a deep breath in and out. I want you to clear your mind of the work week and all the stresses of your life. Picture yourself far from any worries you have. Picture your happy place and imagine for that moment you could be there for as long as you like.

Think about what it looks like. What can you hear around you? What does it smell like? Is it raining, or is it hot? How far is it from your front door? Why is this place important to you? What do you feel when you are in this place?

Personally, I have two happy places. One is a dream and one is a reality. The dream is off the coast of Vancouver watching Orca whales swim freely with their pods. I’m in a small boat half soaked by the waves of the unusually cold water. The sun is behind light grey clouds and even though it’s getting colder, I just watch those whales swim and interact in their natural habitat. They bring my life peace and a sense of belonging.

The reality is my childhood home. I’m sitting in the yard with my legs crossed looking at the house. I feel smaller like a child. The highway is buzzing with cars and every so often one honks. I’m looking at the front of the house, the brick is a deep red compared to the bright blue sky. It’s mid-summer and its warm but the grass is dry and rough on my skin. All around me dandelions bloom turning the green grass white and yellow. The garden in the front is fresh with full, sweet smelling white hydrangeas. All while the bees and power lines hum nearby.

You see it’s in the details that we can reach these places. I believe it is important for someone to have a place to escape to. Whether it’s real or a dream. Something that will keep you less stressed and less anxious.

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