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North Bay has a 33-acre Community Waterfront Park, with a Civic Plaza, in the heart of our downtown and waterfront. The entrance is marked by the Leaves of Inspiration pergola, a large structural sculptural piece that will be covered in stainless steel leaves once all have been sold.  Each leaf has a story connected to the person honoured and displayed on our website, www.waterfrontpergola.ca.  It’s a destination, a place to gather, and support each other, be inspired, find beauty, share our stories and connect, under the Leaves of Inspiration.


Local journalist, Laurel Campbell, said it well when she wrote that each story “Paints pictures of determination, of triumph over challenges, of new starts, new careers, new lives, of hard work, laughter and tears.  Above all, they are stories of love, family, friendships and faith in the future”. Having read every story, I am driven by the strength and inspiration people have, some known, and many unknown to me.


Theo & Nelly Brull’s Story by Tony Brull:

“My parents were like a warm coat on a damp, cold and blustery autumn day.  No, not your standard off the rack model, more so a surprisingly light and comfortable one, with a tough protective outer shell and a soft woolen lining.

My parents came to Canada from post war Holland with their hopes, dreams and a young family in tow. This leaf commemorates their courageous journey … my warm memories of growing up in Canada commemorate the lives they lived once they got here.


The honourees on the pergola made inspiration a priority with the little threads of kindnesses they cultivated each day. There are people all over our cities who have stories to share and tell. And we all know someone who has made a difference in our lives. That’s why I firmly believe that every voice has the ability to make a difference.


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