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Every teenager has had that one job where they are either flipping burgers or pouring coffee. Most days are good but sometimes it seems like every customer took their ‘rude’ pill with their breakfast. I’ve been there, being yelled at while a line of people waits behind one particularly not nice human being. Most of the time the issues are things I can’t even control, like store policy. But it’s rare that it matters to said not nice human being.

I could literally go on for day about what bothers me the most about people I’ve served or had to deal with in my customer service experience. Trust me I’m not short on crazy stories either. But you know what I can’t go on for days about? The number of people who have actually stopped to thank me for helping them, been kind to me when there is nothing I can do about an issue they have presented, or were just friendly. Which I think speaks volumes to how we treat other people.

It can be easy to forget that some of these minimum wage workers are teenagers just starting out in the work force.  They are timid and usually don’t know all the answers. Which is why I make it a habit to be the nicest I can be to them because who knows how any times they’ve been yelled at before I walked in.

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