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I have networked with many gifted people who did some pretty extra-ordinary things with their life and had the privilege to call them my friends as well.

Dr. Mark McLeod: Opened my heart and mind to endless possibility with a weekend workshop called Inner Journeys. I learned a lot about myself in a short intensive two-day workshop. I learned that a life unexamined was not really a life worth living. I learned to surrender my need to control, to go with the flow of life. Still working on that one and probably will for a while longer. Mark died in a plane crash in his mid-forties.

Dr. Garry Shulman: Taught me about courage and connection. The necessity and importance of living a life with love. Recognizing my connectedness, my place in the grand scheme of things. To get out of my head and into my heart. Garry survived 13 years after being diagnosed with a cancer. He was truly brilliant and shared his gifts with whoever would listen.

These two gentlemen maximized their very short life with grace, shared their gifts with the people they met. I was one of those lucky people.

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