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With your massive list of things to do sometimes not everything gets done. Little things get pushed to the bottom because they aren’t as pressing as some issues. But it’s those little things that end up being a big deal on the day of your event. There are things that you wouldn’t even think about until it’s needed right away

Wi-Fi Passwords
Possible firewall restrictions
Extra batteries or chargers for devices
Extension cords
Necessary permits: Alcohol and music
Volunteer lists
Allergy checks
Signed legal forms
Setting up social media pages
Creating a hashtag
Thank you card/gifts
Checking the venue capacity
Emergency contact information for employees/volunteers
Double check set up and event times
Confirm speakers or entertainment a few days before the event
Business Cards
Backup plan for bad weather – for outdoor events

An event planner is only as strong as their organizational skills. Keeping a running checklist of things that need to be done and things that are completed. It will help you set up your event for success!

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