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If I’m not selling tickets on Tangr can I still collect information from attendees for my event?

Yes! One of the handy things about Tangr is the ability to collect and customize registration information. Follow these steps and you can build your own registration form.

  • Once your Event is set up and all your information has been added in the General Settings and Custom Design, select ‘Save as Draft’ at the bottom of the page. (You cannot set up any ticketing or registration information until you save your event in Drafts.) Once you are shown this message you can create tickets and add registration.

  • Now you can open the ‘Tickets’ tab.
  • Select the ‘My Event doesn’t have tickets’ checkbox

  • Here you have the ability of choosing options to create custom questions
  • If you choose the ‘I would like to collect registration information’ box you will be given these quick select options to add to your registration form:
    • Address
    • Company Name
    • Company Website
    • Email
    • Name
    • Phone Number
  • Custom Buyer questions are questions that are unique to your event. For example: You can ask if your participants have any food allergies or if they require special accommodations
  • These questions can be set up with:
    • Text answers
    • Date answers
    • Single choice from list
    • Multiple choice from list
  • At this point you have the ability to require that an answer is mandatory
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