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Every kid loves them. The candy, the rides, and the games. Carnivals are filled with fun and a great opportunity for a fundraiser. It’s a very adventurous event to plan but if you consider everything and build a solid strategy going forward, with committed volunteers, it can be a very successful fundraising event.

To make sure your carnival is a success, make sure to have a few of these attractions:

Magic shows
Talent shows
Puppet shows
Craft shows
Cheer offs (High school carnivals)
Face painting
Dunk tank
How many are in the jar games
Pie/hotdog eating contests
Ring toss
Water gun target shooting
Fortune teller/palm reader
Cotton candy booths
Popcorn carts
Sack races
Rock climbing
Ferris wheel
Bumper cars
Photo booths
Obstacle course

Appeal to all ages is key to having a good turn-out and a good time.

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