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Being at the end of your rope is never a point you want to reach. It can be hard to come back from that and it’s easy to stay there. However, burning out is a very common problem most people, especially event planners, face.

It’s understandable. You have so many things to do and sometimes the tasks pile up. But there are ways to avoid feeling like you are drowning in your work.

Make a list:

In order of urgency make a list of what absolutely needs to be done either by the end of the day or the week. I suggest you make this list when you wake up in the morning, once you’ve had something to eat and your brain is fully active. It helps you plan out your day without stressing over everything all at once.

Don’t read emails right away:

Research has shown that the amount of emails in your inbox can increase your stress level. By reading emails as soon as you wake up can set up your attitude for the whole day. If an email is alarming or poses a problem, you are automatically starting your day with stress. If you take your time to wake up, eat a good breakfast, and then once you get to the office, then deal with your emails, your day will feel more organized and won’t start off negatively or rushed.

Take a day:

You may be busy but your health and well-being is more important than anything. You have a duty to take care of yourself. You should consider taking a vacation when you start to feel overwhelmed with your work. Now, I don’t mean calling in sick when you really aren’t or abandoning a client in the middle of planning. I mean booking a day off or simply taking a long lunch. Get your hair or nails done and treat yourself to a really good meal.

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