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Everyone has a list of goals or achievements they want to reach before the final stage of their life.  It’s about making sure your life has been fulfilled to all its potential and about experiencing new things.  I have many things on my bucket list that all involve seeing something for the first time or accomplishing something important to me.  Items on your own list can range from simple everyday things to big dreams.


•  Learn to bake a pie
✓ Learn to knit
•  Be an extra on a TV show
•  Live in another country for a month
•  Learn a new language
✓ Read a critically acclaimed book
✓ Be in a music video
✓ Get a tattoo that is meaningful to you
✓ Get a tattoo just for fun
✓ Try a new food
•  Go on the ATV tours in Oahu, Hawaii (for all you fellow Jurassic Park fans)
•  Ride a hot air balloon
•  Swim with manatees
•  Go whale watching
•  Be part of a protest
✓ Give blood
✓ Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower
•  Walk along the Great Wall of China
•  Trek the Appalachian Trail (USA) and Inca trail (Peru)
•  Hold a monkey or Koala
•  See The Rainforest
✓ Stand somewhere important to history (I highly recommend the beaches of Normandy or Vimy Ridge)
•  Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
•  Name a star
•  Learn archery
✓ Be in a wedding party
•  Meet a celebrity
✓ Sing Karaoke in front of strangers
•  Publish a book
•  Start a blog
✓ Attend a massive music festival
✓ Get an autograph from one of your favourite artists
•  Learn to ballroom dance
✓ Learn to tap dance
✓ Read a book before seeing the movie
✓ See a Broadway show
✓ See a work of art in a famous museum (FIY the Mona Lisa is a lot smaller than you think)
✓ Watch all this year’s Oscar nominated films before the awards (Am I the only one who does this every year?)
✓ Dye your hair a bold colour
•  Go a week without makeup
•  See a Medium
✓ Make your own Halloween costume
•  Pay off all debt
•  Go to the airport and take a plane anywhere, just because
•  Own a very expensive item (Jewelry, a pair of designer shoes, or luxury car.)


Your list could go on forever, most of these are inspired by what I want out of life. I think it’s important to have dreams for how you want to spend your time. Sure some items might see a bit extravagant but we only get one life, might as well enjoy all it has to offer.

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