Body Talk

What would your body say if it could talk?

“Hey, it’s me, body’s CEO. I had a meeting with the heads of the organ department yesterday, and we have some concerns. All the systems are working over-time to keep up with the junk you’ve been putting in. I mean, we can’t survive on processed food, and sugar! We need real food like vegetables, fruit, whole grains, meat and dairy. We need sustenance! We need a wide variety of healthy things to feed our brain, to keep our cardiovascular system functioning properly, to protect our liver, not to mention the pancreas. He can’t keep working nights to balance out all the sugar you’ve been eating.

Your pipes are clogged, but we’ll keep trying. We’ve been trying to replace the dead cells, but we can’t keep up. We may have to shut down temporarily, for a complete system reboot, but that could cause major damage to all departments. We are running out of places for all that sugar, so I guess we’ll just store it as fat. The liver keeps complaining that it can’t do its job properly and doesn’t like those fat deposits. Your legs are upset because they can’t bear the extra weight. So do you think you could do something about this?”

The vehicle that is your body is a community of unique systems that work best together, not in isolation. When one system breaks down, the other systems are impacted too. Your body is a complex channel of integrated parts. How well are you maintaining yours?

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