What Advice Would You Give To Young Men And Women Today?

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Be less critical of yourself and honour your journey. Find what it is within you that gives you joy and use that to gift others. A life of service, based in love, is where joy resides. Don’t let your history be an excuse not to live your life fully.

Being in a loving place is the only response. Criticism of ourselves makes us critical of others. Try not criticizing yourself, perhaps saying, ‘that bothered me, I feel hurt and I don’t know what to do about it.’

Let go of expectation. Nothing bothers you unless the thing which bothers you resonates within you as well. What response creates the best you? Feel what you feel and remember to get out of the boat…let go…clean your own slate once in a while. We are all doing our best to find our way home.

A dear friend, Dr. Kristin Shepherd, shared this wisdom many times. I am so grateful for the wisdom she freely shares from her life experiences. Try this wisdom on and watch for the ripple effect!

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