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How to set up a new account:

You must agree and adhere to the terms and conditions in order to create and use your Tangr account.

  • Visit;
  • Select ‘Sign In’ at the top right of the navigation bar;
  • In the right hand column locate the title ‘Create a new account’;
  • Complete the form below by entering your email, first and last name and creating your password;
  • Select ‘Get Started!’ once the form has been completed.

How to create a password:

Create a password that is a minimum of 6 characters in length (maximum 50 characters) and contains at least:

  • One lowercase letter;
  • One uppercase letter;
  • One number.

Special characters are permitted (spaces not allowed) but are not required.

Password recommendations:

Consider a longer password or a phrase to increase the strength and security of your password.

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