7 Tips For Planning A Non-profit Event

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  1. Dare to dream and do it with the right team.
    Having a strong creative think tank and motivated volunteers is essential to any event planning endeavor. Brainstorm for ideas, value every suggestion before you reach consensus on one specific event.
  2. Create a budget and don’t leave out any costing details.
    What will the event look like? – Build some details around the event.
    Guest list: Who will the event be targeting? – Do you have team lists?
    Location: Where will the event take place? – Check availability and costs
    Service: Do you require a liquor license? Are there fees for service? – Audio visuals, sound systems, staff service, bar.
    Food: Plated or Buffet, appetizers and/or drinks.
    Entertainment and decorations: Rental fees – Speakers, Bands, etc.
    Sponsorship: Organizations or businesses willing to sponsor the event?
    Ticket sales: How many do you need to sell? – Determine ticket pricing based on expenses and projected revenues and event location.
    Contingency: Have a backup plan for unforeseen costs
  3. There’s no event without a solid promotion plan.
    Your event fundraiser could be the best idea ever, but it won’t happen without strong marketing strategy. Using Tangr.com for one stop event promotion, organization and planning will put you on the right path. Then put one of your more experienced volunteers in charge of your social media.
  4. Promote your organization and your cause.
    Enlist your dream team to get the word out about who your organization represents and why you are fundraising.
  5. Make a site visit!
    Check the room set up to ensure it suits your event. Check details such as reception, ticket collection, washroom accessibility, dance floor, technical equipment, band location, speaker, parking, and coat check.
  6. Be prepared but have fun!
    Even the best planned event will have the odd glitch. Have a back-up volunteer to handle small issues so that the rest of the dream team can interact with the guests.
  7. Say thank you!
    Send a gratitude note to your guests, to your volunteers, to your sponsors, to the businesses employed to make your event a success. It’ll pay dividends for you in the future.
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