41st Mattawa River Canoe Race Hosted 130+ Participants

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5 Hours, 27 minutes and 53 seconds. That is the long-standing fastest finishing time of the 64 kilometre Mattawa River Canoe Race, which has been standing since 1995! With another year under its belt the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority is proud of their completion being both arduous and fun.

Paddlers push themselves to finish the 64-kilometre race from Trout Lake, North Bay to the Mattawa Island Conservation Area. Of course what would a race be without its obstacles. Along with the intense paddling, participants also have to navigate their canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards through different portage trails to get back onto the water. This race although meant to excite also has some history behind it.

The 41st race hosted over 130 participants from over 6 provinces; people can’t wait till next year. This race attracts people from all over Canada. Some are amateurs, some are avid outdoorsmen and women, and some are even Olympic athletes. All ages are always welcome, the youngest paddler being 12 years old to 78 years young!

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